Composting NZ: Committed to Independent Off-Site Quality Control & Testing

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At Composting New Zealand, we take pride in the integrity of our products.

As part of our quality control, routine testing of compost batches is carried out to ensure products conform to both the BioGro requirements and NZ 4454:2005 standards for compost, soil conditioners and mulches.

We commission Hamilton based agricultural testing organisation, Hills Laboratories, to implement randomised tests to cover a broad spectrum of analyses, including

  • Acid herbicide and multi residues
  • Heavy metals
  • Complete compost (nutrients, carbon nitrogen ratio and organic matter)

Hill Laboratories

IFO black smallWe also self-regulate in-house, using plant growing tests (Bioassay’s) to check for plant propagules and toxicity.

All the compounds analysed and tested for, both in-house and by third party testing parties, were not found at the above-detection levels specified by Hills Laboratories and Bio-Gro NZ.

To view our current BioGro certificate, click below.


Please do contact our friendly team if you have any concerns.  We are happy to answer any further questions or clarify the specifics of our controlled testing processes.

BioGro New Zealand Certificate of Compliance (download)pdf