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This month we’re taking a look at compost blankets – an innovative and beneficial application of our compost, that one of our customers is utilising to great effect to benefit their clients.

Compost Blankets for erosion control

Compost is an incredibly versatile and much under-rated solution for sediment control and minimising erosion, and compost blankets have become an increasingly popular technique.

Compost blankets often outperform the more established Hydroseeding and Erosion Control Blanket (ECB) methodologies in stabilising disturbed or eroded soils, particularly on slopes.

The porous structure of compost promotes percolation, helps absorb rainfall energy, and retains large volumes of water, facilitating a slower run-off, eliminating soil compaction, and filtering pollutants such as heavy metals, nitrogen, phosphorous, and oil.

RST Environmental Solutions, based in Palmerston North, specialise in erosion control and bio-engineering techniques. Managing Director Robert Coulson explains:

“It’s hugely cost-effective for us to procure quality compost from Composting New Zealand and then spread blankets via our compost blower trucks for our clients, often adding custom seed mixes to the spreading across slopes.


”Using this methodology, we’re able to affect slope stabilisation, decrease sediment delivery and provide a solid base for vegetation establishment for our customers.”

Advantages to compost blankets

compost blankets compost blankets

  • Compost is organic, biodegradable and safe.
  • Compost blankets provide a suitable microclimate for seed germination.
  • Studies have shown that compost is an excellent and effective weed deterrent, and can reduce weed growth by up to 1/3.
  • Excellent storm water reduction, achieved by slowing the flow of run-off.
  • Compost blankets are scalable – a sloped area known to receive more precipitation can be blanketed to a greater thickness to ensure consistent results.
  • Compost blankets are thought to enhance the long term quality of the soil by increasing sediment and nutrient load.

Further Reading

In the United States, usage of compost blankets and  “filter berms” has been a staple solution for controlling storm-water run-off, containment of silt and sediment, and effective erosion control for over 2 decades.

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