Base Course & Top Course

Base course
Top Course

Landscaping Top & Base Course

Available to purchase by 1/4, 1/2 or full cubic metre (we do not stock bagged top course or base course).

Our Base Course is a 40mm all passing blend of gravel for use as a bottom layer under the construction of a road, driveway or building site. Base course is the foundation of all construction so it is important to do it once and do it right.

Base Course is also the perfect product to use on driveways and pathways as a solid base prior to topping with our lime chip, or your choice of decorative stone, as it compacts well for a nice, even finish.

Our Top Course is 20mm all passing, and ideal for finishing civil construction projects like roads, car parks, driveways and paths before sealing with asphalt or overlaying with decorative products. It is finer than base course and when compacted produces a hard and smooth surface.

How much will I need

To help you work out your quantities, please click through to our Quantity Calculator.  You’re welcome!