Drainage Metal Products

Scoria - SAP 25/7


A porous, lightweight material with high strength to weight ratio, scoria is commonly used under pipes * and drain coil, and can be used as a backfill for retaining walls.

Other uses include levelling under paving stones and concrete.

Landscapers sometimes choose to mix this product with our garden mix due to the fantastic drainage properties of scoria.

Drainage Metal 20mm


Our Drainage Metal can be used as an alternative to Scoria around drain coils and as a backfill for retaining walls. This product consists of clean, crushed grey gravel.

Pea Metal


Pea metal (crushed greywacke rock) is a popular alternative covering for driveways, or as a decorative surface in gardens and borders.

Priced competitively, pea metal is also a product that only requires a shallow application (2cm) when implemented as a protective driveway cover, resulting in even more cost saving.


Pea metal is also commonly used as a drainage and filtration fill.

Horse Friendly

Pea meal also makes a great surface material for horse pens and stable beds as it is comfortable for the horses and friendly to their hooves.

How much will I need

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