‘Agri’ Chip

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Agri-chip, from Composting New Zealand, is the perfect floor covering for stables, pens and other animal housings.

Lean, dry and durable: agri-chip is the recommended bedding for your animal husbandry needs.

Feedback from our farming customers is that our agri-chip is ideal material for use as flooring in calving pens, lambing pens and feeding pads, as it provides a layer of insulation to keep calves and sheep warm, as well as preventing slipping and sliding on hard surfaces.

Our quality bark agri-chip is produced from wood residues and untreated by chemicals, making it an ideal, aerated bedding material for calves, sheep and many other farmyard animals.

Allowing good drainage for liquid waste, whilst collecting the solids for collection and disposal, agri-chip is also a more affordable option to straw bedding and is largely thought to be better for your livestock’s health and well-being,

We recommend ensuring a generous bedding of at least 30cm depth in order to provide adequate comfort for your animals, and to prevent over compaction.

Whether it’s horses, llamas, pigs, lambs or cows, our agri-chip flooring is the ideal surface for your outside animal housing.

Bulk delivery available as far north as Wangaui, Feilding and Palmerston North, as well as throughout the Wairarapa and Wellington regions.

As an alternative, untreated sawdust is also available from our yards and can be used as a perfectly adequate animal bedding.