Kiln Dried Firewood


Burns hotter and faster than air dried, seasoned firewood


Produces up to 30% more heat


Easy to light, and remains lit


Free of mould, fungi or insect


Better for the environment due to the production of less smoke


Produces minimal creosote so healthier for your chimney


Delivery across the entire Greater Wellington region available on request


Buy in bulk and transport home with a free loan of one of our trailers

It’s common knowledge that fresh firewood neither burns as well, nor provides as much heat as dry, seasoned firewood.

This is because the majority of the heat us used up in evaporating the water from the wood.  Burning fresh firewood that contains excess retained moisture also results in residual resins in your chimney, in the form of creosote.

A build up of creosote over time is damaging to your chimney, and causes harmful emissions that damage the environment.

The traditional answer has always been to season your wood.  This entails being well prepared in ensuring that you purchase your fresh firewood well in advance, storing it under cover for a minimum of 6 months (ideally longer) before the onset of winter, in a well ventilated location protected from rainfall.

Storing and ageing fresh firewood isn’t always practical.

Even if you have the the foresight and inclination to buy in bulk for an entire season well in advance, your storage space might not be suitable for seasoning wet firewood.  ‘Horizontal’ rain can scupper your plans, whereas underground spaces such as cellars are often damp themselves and provide insufficient airflow.

More often than not, you’ll instead resort to buying dry firewood as needed, such as gum, mac or pine, as winter progresses.

Dry, seasoned firewood, when sourced from a reputable seller, burns hotter due to having less residual moisture within the wood.  Good dry firewood typically contains less than 25% moisture, having been split into smaller pieces to increase the surface area and stored in appropriate conditions to allow quality air drying.


How do I know my firewood has been seasoned?

This is often the problem.

Unscrupulous sellers may label fresh firewood as seasoned, to increase sales.  Unless you arrive armed with a moisture meter to measure the woodpile prior to your purchase, you can’t be 100% sure that the premium you’re paying for dry firewood is worth it.  Even then, the ends of the wood will give a different and often misleading reading compared to its centre.


Solution: Kiln-Dried Firewood from Composting New Zealand

Fortunately, the team here at Composting New Zealand have got you covered, with out kiln-dried firewood, which guarantees a residual moisture content of NO MORE THAN 10%.

Using innovative technology, we load pallets of fresh firewood into a commercial kiln that reaches heats of up to 70 °C, in order to drive moisture out from the wood through a repeated air-flow processing, which combined with the considerable heat delivers kiln-dried wood with far less moisture than could be achieved (certainly in New Zealand) via traditional air-drying or storage and seasoning methods.

Kiln dried firewood is substantially more fuel efficient, giving up to 30% more heat than the best air-dried, seasoned firewood.

Processing fresh firewood through kiln-drying also means your firewood will light incredibly easily and burn cleanly, meaning less soot and mucky build up which can damage your chimney flue.

Kiln dried wood gives a cleaner, hotter burn that produces less damaging emissions, meaning everybody wins.

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