Unseasoned Firewood


Delivery across the entire Greater Wellington region available on request


Buy in bulk and transport home with a free loan of one of our trailers


Minimum sale of 1/4 m3 applies (1 metre minimum for online orders)

It’s good practice and common sense to stock up on firewood prior to the onset of winter, to take advantage of the longer daylight hours for packing the wood away, and to avoid any mad rush or shortage situation.

This year we’re adding an extra incentive by dropping prices on fresh cut pine at all of our branches, with fresh cut pine starting at just $70 per cubic metre!

Simply buy (via pickup or delivery) and store at home in well aired, dry confitions until the weather gets cold enough to light your fire, by which time your pine will be seasoned and ready to burn!

We also stock fresh-cut gum at all of our branches.

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