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Bark Mulch (50mm)

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Bark Mulch (25mm)


Our bark mulch is available to purchase in either 25mm, 50mm or 65mm sizes.

25mm Bark is available to purchase in store from our Wellington branch, at the following prices:

  • $90 per cubic metre
  • $50 per half cubic metre
  • $13 per bag

Alternatively, you can purchase 25mm Bark by the cubic metre online (minimum 1m3) for delivery to your address by adding your desired volume to your cart.


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Bark makes for a long-lasting mulch and is a hardy suppressant of weeds, as well as a good option for reducing moisture loss. Many of our customers find bark is a great choice as a mulch for large gardens or for areas with steep gradients. Displaying excellent resistance to compaction, bark is a useful product for high wind areas and a long-lasting mulch that will slowly break down and enrich the soil with nutrients, as well as improve drainage.
Weed Control
Reduces moisture loss
Long Lasting
Ideal for use on steep gradients
Bark mulch can also be spread over weed mat to add an additional layer of weed control or as a landscaping option for parks.
An application of at least 50mm is advised to get the most out of our wood mulch product (25mm for decorational landscaping).

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