Lime Chip

Our popular high-end 15mm lime chip can be used as an attractive and durable ground cover for drives or pathways

Pathway Lime

Pathway Lime

Our pathway lime is well suited for substantial roading or driveway projects. Crushed chip binds together nicely to form an even, solid limestone driveway.

Driveway Chip

Driveway Chip

Hard wearing 10mm grey chip suitable for driveways, paths and as a cover mulch for gardens.

Driveway Application: Apply over compacted base or top course at a depth of at least 20 mm.

Base Course & Top Course

Base Course & Top Course

Our Base Course is a 40mm all passing blend of gravel for use as a bottom layer under the construction of a road, driveway or building site. 

Our Top Course is 20mm all passing, and ideal for finishing civil construction projects like roads, car parks, driveways and paths before sealing with asphalt or overlaying with decorative products.

Builders Mix

Builders Mix

Our Builders Mix is a nice round aggregate (as opposed to crush), giving a nicer aesthetic.


Available in 20 or 40 kilogram bags.

Paving Sand

Use our fine river paving sand to level patio, paving and wall areas, or to fill joints between pavers and help prevent erosion.

This product is an ideal base for laying paving brick or slabs, and can also be used under water tanks.

Mortar Sand

A washed river sand from 0-4mm. Ideal for use in cement, plastering and brick laying applications. Great for filling kids sand pits and making sand castles.

Drainage Metal

Drainage Metal (Scoria or Pea Metal)

We stock two grades of Scoria Drainage Metal to suit your needs, as well as Pea Metal

Scoria SAP 25/7 and SAP 7 are porous, lightweight materials with high strength to weight ratio, for use under pipes and drain coil or as a backfill for retaining walls.

Pea metal is a crushed greywacke rock with excellent drainage qualities, and can also be used on driveways or garden borders.