Seasoned Firewood

Firewood-by-scoop from Composting New Zealand. Equals 1/2 cubic metre

Delivery across the entire Greater Wellington region available on request


Minimum sale of 1/2 m3 applies


Buy in bulk and transport home with a free loan of one of our trailers

Our seasoned firewood – typically pine although this can vary each year – is made up of the fresh firewood we bought in the winter of the previous year, which has been stored at our main site in Kapiti under cover in well ventilated storage.


If you miss out on buying our discounted fresh cut unseasoned firewood at enticing discounted prices in the Spring, this is the next most affordable option for you when it comes to the cold months of the year.

Thanks to our storage facility allowing great air flow through the summer months, Composting New Zealand’s seasoned firewood burns extremely well when the time comes to light your fire, leaving very little creosote build up and emitting less smoke than non-seasoned firewood that has retained excess moisture.

Seasoned Firewood: Prepped and Stored The Right Way!

Unlike other less scrupulous firewood suppliers, our customers can be assured that our seasoned firewood has not simply been left in an open pile for several months (or less!)

The other important step we take prior to letting our wood sit in well ventilated but covered storage is to cut and split our wood to the right size and then pile in single rows for drying.