Growing Mediums

Organic Compost

Organic Compost

Made from 100% greenwaste, our signature organic compost is the complete soil conditionerour.  Additive-free, our compost improves the texture, integrity and fertility of your soil, resulting in improved nutrient and moisture retention.

Unlike some inferior alternative products, our compost contains no added fillers such as sawdust, bark, paunch or animal manures.

Lawn Mix

Our lawn mix is the best choice for topdressing, seeding or lawn maintenance.

Made up of our finely screened compost blend, designed for seeding of new lawns or top dressing and maintenance of existing turf.

Potting Mix

Our Potting Mix is the best solution for a custom soil to use in pots, either for growing seedlings or transferring mature plants.

Specifically designed to ensure optimal growth.

Garden Mix

Our certified organic garden mix is a specific blend we have created as a soil application for lawns and gardens. This mix is one of our most popular products and has been used in gardens and lawns all over the Lower North Island. Garden mix resists compaction in fine textured (clay) soils and increases water holding capacity in sandy soils.

Value Mix

Our affordable Value Mix is a blended mix of sandy loam and compost, designed as a base for new gardens and raised beds only. (This mix is a 50/50 composite of compost and sandy loam so will not be weed free).

Value mix is a great base soil for planter boxes or vegetable beds.

Top Soil

A sand based / loam topsoil, the sand aspect provides added drainage while the soil allows for a healthy root foundation for your plants.

Use as a base in raised garden beds, for patching holes in the lawn, or when building up lawns for laying a new lawn.


Composting NZ stock a range of highly effective fertiliser products for your garden, lawn, crops and edibles.

Our range includes the Hatuma range as well as a locally sourced concentrated seaweed fertiliser option.

Grass Seed (Tall Fescue or Landscapers Mix)

We offer a choice of two grass seeds for our customers, to suit preference.

Landscapers Mix produces lush green grass typically found in quality residential gardens, and has a good tolerance for both shade and drought, while Tall Fescue grows tall, and is likewise very tolerant to drought and shade.