Lawn Mix

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Our lawn mix is the best choice for topdressing, seeding or lawn maintenance.

Adding a fine layer of our lawn mix compost will increase the beneficial microbial activity in your lawn and help the soil retain moisture – keeping your grass green for longer.

Top dressing with lawn mix helps rejuvenate existing lawns. After sowing your grass seed, apply no more than 1/4 inch of lawn mix as a topdressing to maintain soil moisture as seeds germinate.

When incorporated into sandy soils, compost helps with water retention.


Laying new lawns

When laying a new lawn, our lawn mix is the product to apply on top of our Topsoil mixed with one of our Grass Seed options.


IFOUsed in heavy soils (clay), this product can also help reduce compaction problems.

Lawn mix is also an excellent option as a seed raising mix, with the addition of added fertilizer.

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