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Garden Mix – Whanganui Branch

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Compost – Whanganui Branch


Our BioGro certified Organic Compost is available to purchase from our Kapiti branch, at the following prices:

  • $115 per cubic metre
  • $62.50 per half cubic metre
  • $13 per bag

Alternatively, you can purchase Compost by the cubic metre online (minimum 1m3) for delivery to your address by adding your desired volume to your cart.


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Our signature organic Compost is the complete soil conditioner:

  • Improves soil organic matter levels
  • Increases nutrients in soil
  • Improves soil structure
  • Increases water absorption
  • Grow stronger plants
  • Improved disease suppression
  • Minimises erosion

Use as a supplement to any soil (rather than in place of soil – a common mistake) to provide a natural balance of nutrients and minerals for healthy plant growth.

The naturally generated heat from the production process destroys weed seeds, soil-borne plant pathogens and disease.

BioGro Certification

Composting New Zealand achieved its first certification in 2003. Receiving the BioGro certification shows that every aspect of our process is compliant with the organic standards. Each one of the BioGro certified organic products can be traced back to its origin. For example, which of the three retail sites the green waste has come from to provide our customers with the final product (compost, lawn mix and garden mix).

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