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Ready to burn, Kiln Dried Firewood

Our best-selling Kiln Dried firewood is now available to buy online (1m3 minimum delivery required), or in person from our Masterton branch (courtesy trailers available).

Delivery available throughout Wairarapa.

$180 per cubic metre (1cord= 3.6 cubic meters)

Please note that there will be wastage (kindling size bits) with our kiln dried firewood.


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Kiln dried firewood is substantially more fuel efficient, giving up to 30% more heat than the best air-dried, seasoned firewood.

Processing fresh firewood through kiln-drying also means your firewood will light incredibly easily and burn cleanly, meaning less soot and mucky build up which can damage your chimney flue.

Kiln dried wood gives a cleaner, hotter burn that produces less damaging emissions, meaning everybody wins.


  • Burns hotter and faster than air dried, seasoned pine firewood
  • Produces up to 30% more heat
  • Easy to light, and remains lit
  • Free of mould, fungi or insect
  • Better for the environment due to the production of less smoke
  • Produces minimal creosote so healthier for your chimney
  • Delivery available across the Wairarapa region
  • Buy in bulk and transport home with one of our courtesy trailers

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