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Te Rito Plants

Our selection of Te Rito plants are available to buy in store at our Wairarapa branch.

  • $12 per plant

Please note that Te Rito plants are not available to purchase online.

Get in touch via our contact page or telephone us if you would like to enquire about our exact stock.

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We stock a wide array of Te Rito Plants including the following:

Astelia Chathamica

A stunning native that hails from the Chatham islands. Strong broad swords of arching foliage coloured a sensuous silver grey. Use in groups for a bold dramatic statement. Tolerant of sun or part shade but hates ‘wet feet’. Looks good in a container. Hardy and evergreen. 

Coprosma Acreosa – ‘Red Rocks’

This divaricating native plant with small needle like orange red foliage, is found naturally near coastlines throughout NZ. The colour intensifies with colder temperatures. An excellent groundcover plant for hot, dry conditions, on banks, or under plantings. 

Coprosma Hybrids

Hardy plants which grow in poor soils. Various leaf forms and colours. Some are low growing while others grow up to 2 metres.

Coastal tree daisy / Olearia solandrii

Fast-growing shelter and hedging plant for dry, exposed sites. The abundant small white flowers in late summer are vanilla scented. The coastal tree daisy forms a shrub up to 2.5m tall. In exposed places, it will remain a shrub.

Fuchsia procumbens

Fuchsia procumbens is a native New Zealand ground cover and is the smallest fuchsia in the world. The creeping fuchsia has multiple slender branches with small lime green leaves and upright yellow flowers that appear from September. The bright red edible berries occur not long after.  In terms of planting this delicate fuchsia is frost tender but can do well in sun and shade Naturally a coastal plant.

Gossimer grass

Shade or sun. Looks fantastic moves gracefully in the wind (1×1 metre). Naturally suppresses weeds and is an excellent wildlife environment. 


Beautiful yellow flowers in spring. One of the best trees to attract tui and other native birds to your garden. Best planted in a group with under planting. Semi deciduous. Can grow up to 5m. 


This lovely plant is an endangered plant in the wild. Its attractive flowers(which resemble the beak of the Kaka) and edible seed pods were once used by Maori for gifting and trading. It produces long, trailing stems that form new plants when they come into contact with soil. Flowers in late spring and summer.

Horoeka – Lancewood

A stunning, unique structural plant that has dramatic lance like leaves when young. After 15 years of maturing, the leaves shape into a round headed tree. Great for effect in groups and adding sculptural form to a garden.  Size: up to 5m 

Mapou / Red Matipo

Forms a handsome large shrub with distinctive red branchlets and wavy leaf margins. Slow growing.

Makaka / Saltmarsh ribbonwood

Dense, hardy, small shrub with silvery stems and small green leaves. Salt and wind resistant & tolerant of wet soils. Small cream flowers are very sweetly scented. Great trimmed hedge or low shelter. Semi-deciduous. 

Manatu – Plagianthus regius

Commonly known as ribbonwood. A graceful, N.Z. tree with dense foliage. Fast growing, upright growing and super tough which makes it great for exposed sites.  As the tree matures, the small juvenile foliage gets replaced with larger foliage. Creamy white flowers.  Growing up to 12m, it is perfect as a specimen or shelter tree. 


Ngaio is a very familiar salt tolerant species found mostly in coastal, but also in lowland forests throughout the country. Ngaio is a hardy fast-growing tree up to 10 metres tall. Its delicate flowers are white spotted with purple and occur from mid spring. Ngaio has been used as Ronga by Maori for skin complaints. It was also used as insect repellant by rubbing young shoots or an infusion of leaves onto the skin. 

NZ Mountain Flax/ Whakariki

The smaller growing species of the two native flax.  With attractive gracefully drooping leaves, this all purpose, low maintenance plant is great for sun or shade, exposed or sheltered.  Food source for native birds.  Grows to H 1m x W 1m. Extremely tough and used on clay banks for stabilization. 

Putaputaweta – Carpodetus serratus

Evergreen shrub with attractive ‘marbled’ leaves. Tangled juvenile foliage. White flowers are followed by purple fruit, which ripen to black from March-May. Does best on a moist semi-shaded site but is okay on the coast. 

Tree daisy – Tanguru – Olearia albida

NZ native evergreen shrub.  It grows as a multi-stemmed bush bearing large , leather, olive-green leaves. The leaves have a wavy edge and are pale yellow green beneath. The tree becomes adorned with clusters of white, daisy like flowers through summer and autumn. 

Veronica diosmifolia (Hebe)

Rounded bushy shrub with fine erect branches. This dense shrub has a very distinctive appearance with white or lilac flowers smothering the bush. It will grow in sun, semi-shade, or dry sites Hardy to cold.  A very tidy plant that clips well and stays looking great for many years. Size:1.5m.


Plant information to follow.

Stock will vary between branches — please contact us for details of exact plants in stock here at our Kapiti branch or call in to browse our selection.


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